About The Site

This site is the home of FSEM101-A24-F19: Digital Citizenship and Digital Identity, a first year seminar at Wheaton College MA.

Here are some fun details about the students in the class:

  • All of the students own their own domain and web hosting.
  • Biology, business and management, and creative writing are the top three tentative majors for students in the class.
  • Nine of the students are intercollegiate athletes: 2 women’s soccer players, 1 men’s soccer player, 1 women’s lacrosse player, 2 men’s lacrosse players, 1 men’s tennis player, 1 baseball player, and 1 synchronized swimmer. Go Lyons!
  • One student plays in the symphony and another sings with a student group.
  • Almost all of the students in class use Snapchat, and they helped me, their GenX instructor, understand how it works. I still don’t use it.

I am Megan A. Brooks, the Dean of Library Services, and I’m the instructor for this course. This course wouldn’t have gotten off the ground nor stayed aloft without Thomas San Filippo, Systems and Educational Technology Liaison and amazing staff mentor.