Wheaton Experience Points


  • You must complete 5 WEPs.
  • One WEP must be in September, one in October, and one in November.
    • For September, I suggest you attend the Th Sept 12 Faculty Speaker Series lecture by Professor Geoff Collins at 5pm in Mary Lyon Hall, Room 211/Holman Room.
  • WEPs might include the following:
    • Attend lectures or panels
    • Attend concerts or performances
    • Visit the galleries or the greenhouses or an observatory open night
    • Attend faculty office hours (with someone other than me)
    • Attend an SGA meeting
    • Meet with a peer writing or peer subject tutor
    • Attend a sporting event (if you are an athlete, an event of another team)
    • Join a club
    • And so on… but it’s got to be on campus!
  • Aim for breadth in your WEPs. No more than two sporting events (make them different sports), no more than two faculty office hours (make them different faculty), no more than two tutor meetings (make them different subjects), and so on.

Writing Prompt

  1. Your name.
  2. Title of your WEP (e.g. football game vs. Wellesley) (which totally won’t happen)
  3. Date of the WEP and date of writeup.
  4. 2-3 sentences about how going to/doing this WEP contributes to you being part of/a citizen of the Wheaton community.