Course Schedule & Readings

THEME 1: Digital citizenship in online communities

Week 1

Tu Aug 27: Welcome! What’s a First Year Seminar?

Review syllabus & course expectations, introducing Wheaton experience points

Th Aug 29: Mapping your digital practice in online communities

Week 2

Th Sep 5: Digital citizenship in online communities

Week 3

Tu Sep 10: Participation in online communities

Th Sep 12: Digital Survival Skills & Introducing Portfolio Project

Week 4

Tu Sep 17: Your Community Web & Domains

Workshop with – Susan Friedman, Student Success Advisor
Reaction paper 1 due

Th Sep 19: Portfolio Project: WordPress Basics

THEME 2: Privacy and Security

Week 5

Tu Sep 24: Data Privacy

Th Sep 26: Security

At least one WEP must be completed in September.

Week 6

Th Oct 1: Your personal information online, targeted harassment & Introducing Reaction Paper 2

THEME 3: Critically Evaluating Online Content

Th Oct 3: Workshop: Foundations of Research

Janine Kuntz, Social Sciences Liaison, in Wallace Library’s Woolley Electronic Classroom

Week 7

Tu Oct 8: Misinformation and fact-checking part 1

Th Oct 10: Misinformation and fact-checking part 2

Reaction paper 2 due

Week 8

Tu Oct 15: No class for fall break

Th Oct 17: Contextualizing the online environment & Introducing Reaction Paper 3

Week 9

Tu Oct 22: Digital Survival Skills, Portfolio Project: Extending WordPress, & Introducing Alternate Format Reaction Paper


Th Oct 24: Workshop: Ethical Use of Information

  • Janine Kuntz, Social Sciences Liaison, in Wallace Library’s Woolley Electronic Classroom
  • Schedule advising meeting next week

Week 10

Tu Oct 29: Mid-Semester Check-In

  • Susan Friedman, Academic Advising
  • Reaction paper 3 due
  • SPECIAL: 5:30-7:00pm Dinner with President and Mrs. Hanno

THEME 4: You, Online

Th Oct 31: Who are you online? & Introducing biography assignment

At least one WEP should be completed in October

Week 11

Tu Nov 5: Workshop: Career Services

  • Matt Wheeler, Assistant Director
  • Alternate format reaction paper due

Th Nov 7: Interrogating our online selves & Introducing Reflective Essay

Week 12

Tu Nov 12: Whose site is it anyway? and Controlling visibility and feedback

Th Nov 14: Workshop: finding images and media

  • Kate Boylan and Thomas San Filippo
  • Biography due

Week 13

Tu Nov 19: Digital Survival Skills and Portfolio Project

  • TBD based on class and individual needs

Th Nov 21: Global Ed/Study Abroad and Introducing presentation and feedback assignment

Reflective Essay due

Week 14

Tu Nov 26: Providing meaningful feedback

At least one WEP should be completed in November


Week 15

Tu Dec 3: Presentations and feedback, day 1

All WEPs due

Th Dec 5: Presentations and feedback, day 2

Tu Dec 10: NO CLASS, Portfolio Project due