Reaction Paper 3


  • Create a POST or a PAGE on your website and write this paper in that post or page.
  • Link to all the sources you use. Include lots and lots of links in your paper. (Works cited is not necessary for this paper.) Use best practices when linking to sources:
    • Do this: According to Wikipedia, WIRED has a “techno-utopian” editorial outlook.
    • Not this: WIRED has a “techno-utopian” editorial outlook as you can read about here.
  • Create headings in your post for each of the four prompts you answer.
  • Fully answer the questions in each prompt.

Writing Prompt

Select FOUR of the following eight prompts. Use the SIFT method we worked on in class on 10/8 and 10/10. Answer the prompt questions. Include links to other web pages (e.g. Wikipedia, other news sources, fact-checking sites) in the text of your answers.

  1. Poverty Rate: What is the source of the data? What is the date? Who created the data? Why or why would you not trust it?
  2. “Facts” about immigration: How many and which of the statements are true? How can you tell?
  3. Death from Childbirth: Can you find a better source for the story? Is the headline more or less true? What other context can you provide for the claim and the story?
  4. Chemo Not Needed for Most Early Breast Cancer: Is this a trustworthy source for this sort of claim? Does the expert cited have appropriate expertise to make the claim?
  5. America’s Nuclear: What aspects of the site linked in the prompt make it a good source of information? What aspects make it a less than ideal source of information?
  6. Lincoln Quotes: Chose one quote you think Lincoln said, and one that you think he didn’t, then investigate the quotes. If you know the quote is real, you should be able to say either where he first said it, or where it was first noted that he said it.
  7. Arsonist Birds: Is the claim true? Is the headline deceptive at all? What is the status of the academic journal reporting this? Does the journal abstract match the reporting?
  8. Bizarre Creature from Under the Ice: What is the source of this reporting? Did they confirm this story with the scientists? Did they consult outside experts? Can you find better reporting or coverage on this?