Presentation & Feedback


  • Gain experience talking about your work in front of your classmates
  • Practice paying attention to others’ presentations
  • Learn to make meaningful observations and ask substantive questions

Assignment Prompt

Part 1: Presentation: Talk for 3 minutes minimum and 4 minutes maximum about your portfolio. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Domain name choice
  • Organization/structure of your site
  • Theme choice
  • Plugin(s) installed and how they show up on the public site
  • Aspect of portfolio you’re really proud of and why
  • Aspect of portfolio you want feedback on and why
  • Something that didn’t work right at first but you eventually figured it out
  • Something you’re in the midst of trying to figure out

After your talk, answer questions from the class.

Part 2: Feedback: Provide feedback to one specific person at the end of their talk. Listen carefully so you are prepared to make an observation and to ask a question. 

A good observation looks like this: 

  • Your choice of <thing> is really striking, because it made me think <XYZ>.
  • When you talked about <thing> your body language was more X than in other parts of your talk.
  • You asked for feedback on this thing. <feedback>

A good question looks like this:

  • You said you were really proud of <thing> on your portfolio. What did you have to do to make that happen?
  • Tell me about <thing> on your portfolio that you only briefly touched on in your talk.