• Put your bio into an about me or bio page on your website.
  • Length should be between 200-400 words.
  • Submit the URL to through OnCourse.

Writing Prompt

  • Include ALL of the following elements:
    • Who you are, where you’re from, where you are, and/or where you want to go in life
    • A statement about a value you hold and why you hold it
    • A little-known detail about yourself
  • Include at least ONE of these additional elements:
    • A tag line or summary (example, example)
    • A photograph of yourself
    • Something fun: an unpopular opinion, your most-used emoji, 2 truths & a lie, etc.

Words of advice

  • Use plain language when you write.
  • Use short, declarative sentences.
  • Use active voice where possible. 
  • Use third OR first person throughout your bio, not both. Third person is most common.
  • Try reading your bio out loud. Does it sound like you? Yes? Great! No? Try recording what you really mean to say and use that as the basis of your writing. Your bio should sound like you.