Portfolio Project


This semester-long portfolio project is intended to be a practical application of the readings, discussions, and in-class activities in this FYS. You will make decisions throughout the project that will touch on aspects of what we are learning in class: digital identity, community, security, privacy, fact-checking, self-presentation, and more. The project will culminate in an in-class presentation of some aspect of your portfolio to your classmates (presentation graded separately). 

As part of this project, you will be expected to:

  • Sign up for a domain and web hosting from Reclaim Hosting
  • Install WordPress and extend it to suit your purposes using themes and plugins
  • Create a structure for your online portfolio
  • Post the assignments for this class (reaction papers 1-3, reflection paper, biography, alternate format paper, Wheaton Experience Points) to your portfolio
  • Post something additional to your portfolio, created by you, in whatever format you want
  • Include content on your portfolio which is created by someone else, but is licensed for reuse (i.e. creative-commons licensed, such as the image on this assignment)
  • Use footnotes in a WordPress post or page

You may also:

  • Include additional written or multimedia content that you create in other courses or outside of your academic work
  • Do whatever else you want with the domain and web hosting, since you will own it for at minimum a year and then for as long as you continue paying for it. 

In short, you’ll need to create something on your domain and in WordPress for the purposes of this course, but you can also do whatever else you’d like. It’s YOUR digital space,  YOUR digital identity.

Selected steps in the project

  • Due September 19: Sign up for a domain and web hosting (info given on 9/12 and 9/17)
  • In-class work on September 19
    • Installing WordPress
    • Selecting themes
    • Dealing with pages, posts, categories, and tags
    • Creating menus
  • Due 9/24: Copy reaction paper 1 into your portfolio, link submitted
  • Due 10/17: Copy reaction paper 2 into your portfolio, link submitted
  • In-class work on October 22
    • Working with WordPress plugins
    • Tools to create non-textual content
  • Due 10/24: Reaction paper 3 posted directly into your portfolio, link submitted
  • Due 11/5: Alternate format reaction paper posted directly into your portfolio, link submitted
  • In-class work on November 12
    • Controlling visibility and feedback/comments
  • Due 11/14: Biography (and photo, if you choose) posted directly into your portfolio, link submitted
  • In-class work on November 19
    • Dependent upon class needs
  • Due November 21: Reflection paper posted to portfolio, link submitted
  • In-class on December 3 and December 5
    • Presentations and feedback (graded separately)
  • Due December 10, midnight: Final portfolio submitted